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You may submit your abstract using the provided template below by March 17, 2021 to

We invite abstracts from all areas of physical limnology, including:

  • Open-water and under-ice processes,
  • Modelling of physical dynamics,
  • Salt exclusion,
  • Suppression of turnover,
  • Salinity stratification,
  • Ebullition,
  • Physical-biogeochemical interactions, in both natural and constructed water bodies.

Submission requirements:

  • Please submit the abstract as a PDF with the filename: Last_First_abstract.pdf
  • Please keep your abstract length between 200 words and one page.
  • Please use 11pt Times Roman typeface and single line spaced
  • The abstract should be in English.
  • You are encouraged to include figures and pictures in your abstract, as long as they fit in the single page limit
  • If references are used, please follow the reference style provided below.
  • These abstracts will be compiled and distributed at the conference.

The committee looks forward to reviewing your submission! Results will be provided by April 14, 2021.